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Wise Publications The Platinum - Lyrics And Chords
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DescriptionThe easiest guitar songbook ever. With no more than six chords to learn for each song, and with songs in different keys, you´ll soon extend your chord skills. Every classic song has simple chord changes illustrated by chord boxes and symbols.Includes Come Together, Highway To Hell, Live Forever, The Universal plus many more. SonglistA Little Time [Beautiful South, The]An Englishman In New York [Sting]Come Together [Beatles, The]Dedicated Follower Of Fashion [Kinks, The]Highway To Hell [Ac/Dc]I Am The Resurrection [Stone Roses, The]Live Forever [Oasis]Love Is All Around [Troggs, The]Man! I Feel Like A Woman! [Twain, Shania]No Woman, No Cry [Marley, Bob]Pick A Part That´s New [Stereophonics]The Kids Are Alright [Who, The]The Universal [Blur]Turn [Travis]Under The Bridge [Red Hot Chili Peppers]Voulez-Vous [Abba]What A Beautiful Day [Levellers, The]When You´re Gone [Adams, Bryan] [C, Melanie]Wonderful Tonight [Clapton, Eric]You´re Gorgeous [Babybird]

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